Natasha Fissiak – Director/Producer

NatashaFissiakNatasha Fissiak is a Director/Producer with Golden World Films, LLC. Fissiak’s films have appeared and been recognized at numerous international and US film festivals, including 2012 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, 2012 Best Shorts Competition in California, International Texas Film Festival, Gulf Coast Film Festival, 24 Hours Film Race, OrangeRind Film Festival, Interrobang Film Festival, and Cedar Rapids Independent Film Festival.

Carole Keeney Harrington – Writer/Producer

CaroleHarringtonCarole Keeney Harrington, writer/producer at Golden World Films, LLC has written and produced five feature films and numerous documentaries. An award-winning journalist, she began her writing career at the Houston Chronicle.  In 2000, she co-founded the Film Program at Houston Community College and has taught writing for film and television at the University of Houston. She also served as president/CEO of a non-profit organization. In 2011, she formed Golden World Films, LLC with Natasha Fissiak to produce quality films for international distribution.

Marianna Yarovskaya – Executive Producer

Filmmaker Marianna Yarovskaya directed and produced Undesirables, (1998) a Student Academy Award (Student Oscar), and College Emmy Award film screened at Cannes. She worked as a producer and senior editor for Discovery Channel, National Geographic TV, History Channel, NASA and for Greenpeace USA. In 2006 she was a Head of Research on An Inconvenient Truth, an Academy Award winner. Yarovskaya’s film, Holy Warriors, played in 35 countries worldwide and won numerous awards. She worked as producer and archival producer on such award-winning, theatrically released documentaries as Kindertransport(1999 Academy Award), Countdown to Zero(2010), Samsara (2012), and Greedy Lying Bastards(2012).

Daryl Hannah – Narrator

Actress Daryl HannahThe star of major hits like “Splash,” “Blade Runner,” and “Kill Bill,” Daryl Hannah narrated the film Pussy Riot – The Movement showing her support for the women of Pussy Riot. She also addressed reporters at a press conference in St. Petersburg during her visit in Russia when she pulled up her sleeve to show a peace symbol and the words “Free Pussy Riot” on her forearm as she flashed a victory sign.

Rob Reese – Producer

Rob ReeseRobert M. Reese is a Producer/Cinematographer and owner of ITH Productions based in Spring, Texas. His producing credits include “Dissonance,” which was accepted by the Cannes Film Festival’s Short Film Corner and won “Best in Show” at the La Jolla Film Festival in California. He also was Director of Photography on “Restorative Justice” and “A Friend” and provides ongoing producing services for recitals at the Suzuki Academy in Houston, Texas. His latest project as producer is “Incision” a Sci-fi medical thriller written by Scott Parisien and directed by Darin Scott. MovieMakers Academy at Houston Community College has honored him with a MovieMakers Academy Award.

Vyacheslav Nadvoretskiy – Narrator

vyacheslav-nadvoretskiyVyacheslav Nadvoretskiy is an actor, musician, and artist and has appeared in Wayne Slaten’s film Patriot Act and also narrated film Pussy Riot – The Movement. He actively participates in various local Houston theater productions and music festivals.

Dmitry Rudakov – Director of Photography

DmitryRudakovDmitry Rudakov, Director of Photography, graduated of world-known film school VGIK and worked for the biggest Russian TV Channels and later his knowledge of English brought him to the pool of most asked-for DoPs at foreign TV channels when shoot in Russia. A number of documentaries of Dmitry received international acknowledgment and were broadcast at such TV channels as ZDF, CBS, Discovery, BBC, ARTE, HBO, and NHK.

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