The Mission of this Film is to bring exposure to the women’s plight as well as the increasingly controlling regime in Russia. The future of these young women can be altered if international and internal support continues.

How you can help?


You can donate to support legal efforts to secure the freedom of the members of the Russian punk rock group Pussy Riot and to meet the needs of the women and their families during this difficult time via Voice Project.

You also can write or email your Congressmen/women. PUSSY RIOT!

You can help by spreading the word about Pussy Riot – The Movement.

Support for the band has been tremendous with worldwide demonstrations. Many musicians and celebrities like Madonna, Paul McCartney, Elton John, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Bjork, Faith No More and Sting have voiced their support as well.

The filmmakers are grateful to our supporters that made Pussy Riot – The Movement possible.  To the people who agreed to be interviewed for this film, we thank you. For those of you who are seeking freedom from fear and repression, we urge the government to hear you and acknowledge your rights.

Artur Akisinyan Marat Gelman Donna Wick Milstead Peter Verzilov
Diana Arbenina Masha Gessen Yaroslav Nikitenko Olya Vinogradova
Svetlana Bakhmina Gregory Kataev Nikolay Polozov Yana Yakovleva
Veronika Dolina Denis Krukov Rob Reese Dmitry Rudakov
Mark Feygin Oleg Kulik Olga Romanova
Shahin Ebrahini Vitaly Mansky Katia Samutsevich

3 Responses to SUPPORT

  1. Wonderful, what a blog it is! This webpage provides useful facts to us, keep it up.

  2. Free Pussy riot ! I live in Italy and i belive you are very brave to do all that. I am very happy to see our pussy riot free but i ask myself way Russia must be oppressed Always. You artist have Always change the world, the perspective, the way to think and live. Go on strong girls the world is whit you and good luck for the movie i hope early to see it and i ll try to let know at more people possible. FREE RUSSIAN PEOPLE !

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